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Lisa Gidlow Moriarty
Paths of Peace Labyrinths
P.O. Box 701
Stillwater, MN 55082
Permanent & Portable Labyrinths
CrossRoads Problem Solving Labyrinth

The CrossRoads Problem Solving Labyrinth (TM) is a unique dual-path labyrinth design developed to assist in conflict resolution and problem solving. It was designed in response to a request from a public elementary school Social Worker and incorporates the steps of conflict resolution that include:
• State the problem
• State your feelings
• State the other person’s feelings
• Brainstorm ideas
• Choose the best solution
• Shake hands

In the process of walking the labyrinth, two persons work together toward better understanding and a peaceful, non-violent resolution of a problem.

The labyrinth is also available in a model that converts to a single-path design for individual use.

The CrossRoads Problem Solving Labyrinth (tm) is available exclusively through Paths of Peace.

A 15 foot version on heavy-weight canvas is available fully painted for $1,000 or in a drawn-only "paint yourself" version for $600. Shipping is extra.

A laminated table-top set is also available for use when a floor size in unavailable.
All these labyrinths come with clear, step-by-step instructions.

Paths of Peace offers labyrinth programs. Lisa is an artist and labyrinth historian who has travelled widely to research and experience ancient and contemporary labyrinths. She has created permanent and portable labyrinths in many settings and also offers programs to:
• introduce the labyrinth, its history and uses
• create finger labyrinths for use in school or at home, and
• co-create a large walking-size labyrinth indoors or outdoors

Paths of Peace also sells plastic and wooden finger labyrinths in several designs.

Paths of Peace installs permanent indoor and outdoor labyrinths and specializes in using non-toxic "green" materials. Contact us to explore these options.

See for more information on the benefits of using labyrinths.

Contact us for additional information or to place an order.

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